Las Vegas sheriff says lessons learnt from 26/11 Mumbai attack helped prevent a thousand deaths

New York: A handful of Las Vegas police officers were able to prevent 1,000 deaths after storming a hotel and killing the lone shooter, the American sheriff’s game center that had visited Mumbai to investigate the 2008 attack.

Stephen Paddock, a former wealthy accountant and high-level player, was identified by police as the man responsible for the deadliest shots in modern United States history when the first October opened fire on the victims of Mandalay By Hotel and Casino and wounding nearly 500 people, before giving the gun to herself when the police closed down.

Recalling the terrible night, Joseph Lombardo, the Sheriff of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, said Paddock was filming in a crowd of 22,000 spectators using powerful cannons. Lombardo said a small team of Las Vegas police – two K-9 officers, a detective and a member of the SWAT team – converged at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and a few minutes later crossed the 32-story hotel room door.

“I think they’ve avoided a thousand deaths, and I think it’s important for the American public to understand this,” Lombardo said Monday. Mumbai following the November 2008 terrorist attacks on hotels and other sites by Pakistan-based militants, Lashkar-e-Taiba, who killed 164 people, including some Americans.

The sheriff said he had discovered the trip to Mumbai, and his department now reacts more quickly to those shots, quickly forming a team to “stop the action” of the aggressor by themselves. Before being trained to form a perimeter “Sergeant Joshua Bitsko and Officer Dave Newton of K9 had trained dogs when they heard the message on the police radio an active shooter.

Newton said he saw so many guns. Many magazines. “Batteries and lots of magazines everywhere, just in suitcases piled carefully against pillars, around the room, all stacked, rifles placed everywhere, all kinds of monitors and electrical equipment that were there,” he said. Joshua said he saw shell envelopes all over the floor where Paddock stayed.

“I could feel the artillery dust that had exploded in the room, we were stumbling over guns, stumbling with long guns inside, there were so many,” he said. saying. At least 23 guns – 12 of which were equipped with bump-stocks, or rapid firing devices – were found inside the Paddock hotel room. Meanwhile, US authorities have received more than 1,000 boards, but still have trouble determining what led Paddock, who had no criminal record, to carry out the carefully planned attack.

No one knows when Paddock committed suicide, but the shooting stopped shortly after the guard of the Hotel Jesús Campos and the first of Sheriff Lombardo’s officers arrived on the 32nd floor.