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However, the company wants to expand its activities and, therefore, focuses on creating offline stores. Xiaomi has already created Mi Home stores in several cities in India. On the other hand, the company is also working intensively with other off-line retail partners in the market to sell smartphones.

In this context, Xiaomi has partnered with Big Bazaar (a popular Future Group supermarket chain with more than 240 stores in India) to sell Redmi Note 4 (review) and Redmi 4 (magazine) during this festive period.

Commenting on the partnership, Manu Kumar Jain, Vice President and General Manager of Xiaomi India, said: “This journey began a few months ago when I met with Mr. Kishore Biyani to discuss possible collaboration with the future group.

During one of the brainstorming sessions, we agreed to try something new: selling phones through Big Bazaar, which no other brand has tried! At Xiaomi India, we always try new things. ”

While Xiaomi has followed an interesting path, we will have to see and expect how this partnership will work for both companies. However, the advantage may be in the presence of Biz Bazaar in India and Xiaomi wants to use it completely. An intelligent strategy, we would say. In any case, the Chinese manufacturer makes their smartphones more accessible to consumers.

Jain said that My Fans could buy Redmi Note 4 and Redmi 4 at special prices at Big Bazaar stores. In addition to this, customers can also take these smartphones through free offers of EMI in partnership with Bajaj Finserv. In addition, there are special offers on all ICICI Bank debit and credit card users.


‘I have obligation towards BJP’: Piyush Goyal on why he was sent to defend Amit Shah’s son

A day after the son of BJP leader Amit Shah Jay Shah slapped a defamation case against the news website The thread of a report on the latter and its companies, Union Railways Minister Piyush Goyal sought to clarify the situation and gave the media the reason why BJP leaders came out on defense.

“The insinuations have made it intended to create the wrong perception … We stand up because the party chairman and prime minister were dragged in, and I have an obligation to the party and the government,” stated Indian Express quoted by Goyal. Goyal added that the criminal defamation case was filed against The wire news portal in his report on Jay Shah because the photos of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, BJP president and Jay Shah’s father Amit Shah and Goyal himself had been used in the article.

When organized by the press conference BJP Monday Goyal also said that Jay Shah’s line was “very different from that of Robert Vadra.” Jay Shah had filed a libel suit in a metropolitan court in Ahmedabad against the wire in a report that his company’s turnover had increased exponentially after the party came to power in 2014.

The report published in The Indian Express quoted another BJP leader (who asked for anonymity) and said the party “working family” and that it is a “team”. In its application, Shah called for “criminal prosecution of respondents for defaming and tarnishing the complainant’s reputation for a scandalous, frivolous, misleading, derogatory, defamatory article and contains several defamatory statements.”

The seven respondents in the case are the author of the article Rohini Singh, founding editors of the news portal Siddharth Varadarajan, Sidharth Bhatia and MK Venu, editor-in-chief Monobina Gupta, public editor Pamela and Philipose Foundation for independent journalism, non-profit corporation published by The Wire.

The case was filed in sections 500 (defamation) of the IPC, 109 (complicity), 39 (intentionally causing serious injury) and 120 B (criminal conspiracy). Shah had said that the new fist portal published an article, which was later “edited and reformulated” to the current form. “The defendant conspired to obtain an elaborate, reformulated and edited version of the defamatory article to be published instead of the original version,” he said.

Claiming that there had been a “predetermined conspiracy to defame” Shah had said that “he had the time to respond reasonably” and that no further investigation had been made based on his response. A number of Union ministers and BJP leaders, including Piyush Goyal, Smriti Irani and Ananth Kumar, entered a strong defense of son of accusations Amit Shah.

Goyal had said that the BJP’s conscience was clear on the subject and so Jay Shah had filed the defamation case. The Railways minister also said that Vadra did not go to court, and did nothing to “prove his good faith”, but Congress followed the Dhingra Justice Commission’s report “stop” in its controversial land deals. The “Vadra transactions” were a case of uninterrupted money with the help of the government (UPA), “he had alleged.


‘Supreme Court ban on sale of crackers opens door for smuggling’: Delhi-NCR traders outline why order is unfair

“It is unfair and undermines our fundamental rights,” said the fireworks traders in unison, in response to the Supreme Court’s order to temporarily ban the sale of cookies in New Delhi and NCR. The court banned the sale of crackers in Delhi-NCR until October 31.

The Confederation of Indian Merchants (CAIT), which brings together 40,000 professional organizations and more than six merchants in crores across the country, made a strong exception to the ban before the Diwali festival.

“The concern of the Supreme Court over the protection of the environment is significant, but the sudden ban on the sale of cookies in Delhi-NCR, centuries old and protected by the Constitution of India under the right to work, is unfair and also against the Indian culture festival, “said Praveen Khandelwal, Secretary General of CAIT, at Firstpost.

Why do traders consider it “unfair”?

Traders who are on the same page with author Chetan Bhagat, who tweeted: traders in Delhi have many reasons to raise the red flag against the ban of SC and to call the order unfair.

The environment is still dangerous – ban on selling cookies and not burning: Asked about the ban, traders said that if there was no ban on crackers exploded, how the environment would be protected? It is the uncontrolled burning of fireworks that leads to air pollution immediately after Diwali and affects people, especially children who cause serious respiratory disorders.

Open doors for smuggling of illegal cookies: Since there is no ban on burning cookies, people will buy them in neighboring states. “This will lead to the smuggling of cookies from neighboring states to Delhi, which will be illegally sold at a much higher price.” The illegally purchased cookies are also dangerous, “said Devraj Baweja, president of Delhi Vyapari Mahasangh.

heavy financial losses of Delhi-NCR operators and government: According to CAIT, biscuits estimate at 400 Rs-Rs 500 million rupees have been bought by firecracker vendors in Delhi and NCR through legal licenses for Independence Day . “Almost Rs 500 million rupees worth of cookies have already been stored by commerçants. In addition, traders are facing a financial loss, the government will also lose revenue due to smuggled cookies, “Baweja said.

The entire supply chain will face the commotion: traders have argued that due to prohibition, the entire supply chain – from manufacturers to the last point of sale to the public must face a financial loss. “The livelihood of people – a daily bet for a retailer depends on this business of fireworks and cookies.” Because of this sudden ban, just 10 days before Diwali, the entire supply chain will face the financial crisis, “Khandelwal said.

Prohibition is against the cultural spirit of India: Echoing a sentiment similar to that of Chetan Bhagat, operators said the crackers broke out in Diwali is based on the cultural ethos of India. “It symbolizes the happiness of the people by the return of Lord Ram to Ayodhya and the welcome to the goddess Lakshmi.Le Diwali is celebrated throughout the country in different ways in which the cracking of fireworks is integral and is common partout.Ce n ‘is not only Diwali, cookies are burned to celebrate success in the sport too. This prohibition asks whether we should follow our culture or not, “said a firework dealer based in Sadar Bazar.


Indian Navy sacks sailor for undergoing sex surgery: Manish Giri to move SC for justice, says ‘I can still shoot the enemy’

The Indian Navy fired a sailor to undergo a sex-change operation last year, which found him guilty of breach of service rules. Manish Giri, a naval sailor, had undergone sex-change surgery in August in a hospital in Mumbai while he was on leave.

“The Indian Navy has unloaded Manish Giri, a naval sailor, evoking the clause of” service most needed “under naval regulations,” the Navy said in a statement. He stated that the seafarer who underwent a “sexual reassignment surgery” during his leave was administratively discharged from the service.

“The individual chose to undergo an irreversible reassignment of their gender on their own, while on leave, the deliberate change of their gender status relative to that for which they were recruited at the time of their admission,” he added.

Giri was sent to a naval facility in Visakhapatnam. “He broke the recruitment regulations and eligibility criteria for his employment as a sailor in the Indian Navy,” said the Navy.

It stated that existing services rules and regulations do not allow seafarers to continue to work because of their changed sex status, health status and resulting “employability restrictions”.

According to the Hindustan Times, the navy was unaware of the operation until the sailor returned from three weeks of prolonged vacations and became ill with a urinary tract infection. When the superiors of Giri came to know the operation, they sent her to psychiatric treatment in a naval hospital.

“I was kept in a men’s psych ward for six months, the experience was like being in prison,” he said. “When the doctors could not prove I was mentally ill, they finally let me.”

“I used to work as an engineer and this forced me to be on board, but my new identity as a woman forced me to stay away from the ship and work at the base,” said Giri. She was removed from the seaman’s post and placed in the administrative wing.

The sailor also said she would explore all legal options to get her job back. “I will fight until I receive justice. I am consulting my lawyers and soon I will move,” he added. He also plans to write Prime Minister Narendra Modi to demand justice.

“I am as much a citizen of India as any other citizen of the country, I have the same rights as others, I can always pull the trigger of a gun and shoot the enemy, why am I not fit enough to serve my country?

I’m going to go to the Supreme Court if I have to fight for my rights, “he told India Today. The Indian Navy sent the case to the Defense Ministry to advise him on what to do.


Las Vegas sheriff says lessons learnt from 26/11 Mumbai attack helped prevent a thousand deaths

New York: A handful of Las Vegas police officers were able to prevent 1,000 deaths after storming a hotel and killing the lone shooter, the American sheriff’s game center that had visited Mumbai to investigate the 2008 attack.

Stephen Paddock, a former wealthy accountant and high-level player, was identified by police as the man responsible for the deadliest shots in modern United States history when the first October opened fire on the victims of Mandalay By Hotel and Casino and wounding nearly 500 people, before giving the gun to herself when the police closed down.

Recalling the terrible night, Joseph Lombardo, the Sheriff of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, said Paddock was filming in a crowd of 22,000 spectators using powerful cannons. Lombardo said a small team of Las Vegas police – two K-9 officers, a detective and a member of the SWAT team – converged at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and a few minutes later crossed the 32-story hotel room door.

“I think they’ve avoided a thousand deaths, and I think it’s important for the American public to understand this,” Lombardo said Monday. Mumbai following the November 2008 terrorist attacks on hotels and other sites by Pakistan-based militants, Lashkar-e-Taiba, who killed 164 people, including some Americans.

The sheriff said he had discovered the trip to Mumbai, and his department now reacts more quickly to those shots, quickly forming a team to “stop the action” of the aggressor by themselves. Before being trained to form a perimeter “Sergeant Joshua Bitsko and Officer Dave Newton of K9 had trained dogs when they heard the message on the police radio an active shooter.

Newton said he saw so many guns. Many magazines. “Batteries and lots of magazines everywhere, just in suitcases piled carefully against pillars, around the room, all stacked, rifles placed everywhere, all kinds of monitors and electrical equipment that were there,” he said. Joshua said he saw shell envelopes all over the floor where Paddock stayed.

“I could feel the artillery dust that had exploded in the room, we were stumbling over guns, stumbling with long guns inside, there were so many,” he said. saying. At least 23 guns – 12 of which were equipped with bump-stocks, or rapid firing devices – were found inside the Paddock hotel room. Meanwhile, US authorities have received more than 1,000 boards, but still have trouble determining what led Paddock, who had no criminal record, to carry out the carefully planned attack.

No one knows when Paddock committed suicide, but the shooting stopped shortly after the guard of the Hotel Jesús Campos and the first of Sheriff Lombardo’s officers arrived on the 32nd floor.


BJP to showcase POWER in Rahul’s constituency; Party Chief Amit Shah to lead

Amethi: A massive demonstration of power by Bharatiya Party leader Janta Amit Shah and his team will dominate the political base of Congressional Vice President Rahul Gandhi, Amethi, Tuesday.

It is likely Amit Shah, who is surrounded by controversy over the case against her son, scolded the charges.

According to the recent BJP propaganda, it had to focus on areas where the party had lost the election. Keeping the same in mind, the party leader is ready to face a huge rally in the city.

The union minister, Smriti Irani, who visited Amethi Sunday spoke with party officials and discussed the Shah meeting.

BJP leader Shah would inaugurate an FM station and inaugurate a number of projects related to the ITI and the railways.

Shah is also likely to launch a modified district hospital.

According to sources, it is likely that some leaders of Congress will join the BJP during Shah’s visit.

Prior to the Shah visit, Congress alleged that the BJP invites the people of Amethi indicating that the Labor Congress is theirs.

After the elections of Lok Sabha Uttar Pradesh, it would be the second visit of the Shah in Amethi.

The party is sure that Shah’s strategy would work for the games in 2019.

Union Minister Smriti Irani, Nitin Gadkari, Manoj Sinha, MC Yogi Aditynath and several other BJP leaders accompany Shah.