What if you wake up in the morning and Facebook stopped working? Given that Facebook is used by millions and is among the most popular social networking platforms, this can create a havoc secure. Well, that’s what happened to many people from many corners of the world. Facebook suddenly stopped working. Not just for minutes, but for hours together. After Facebook suffered a global blackout, people went crazy, they took social networks to post about that. The reports were also such that, too, Instagram ceased to function.

After recording a hundred complaints, Facebook looked at the problem and accepted that there were problems. In a statement published in The Verge, the company writes: “Today, a network problem caused problems for people who had trouble accessing Facebook services. We quickly set about restoring access in less than an hour. We regret the inconvenience. “So, after hours of global blackout, Facebook seems to work fine now.

However, as in Down Detector, a bug tracking website, when some users attempted to open the application, they said: “An error has occurred, try again later.” The disruption mainly affected Facebook users on the western and eastern coasts of North America and in various parts of Europe. Some users in parts of South America and Southeast Asia would also have received errors.

Due to the blocking, functions like Spotify Link via Facebook did not work for several users. According to a Down Detector report, there were about 12,000 complaints about Facebook falling. Some Facebook users have also received a message stating that “Facebook is not available for the required maintenance at this time, but should be able to retrieve it in a few minutes.” In the meantime, read more about why you see this message. patience…”

Along with Facebook, Instagram also stopped working for a while for many users. According to The Verge, around 2,500 complaints were filed after Instagram also suffered a global blackout. Users complained that the application had not loaded them, that the photos had not been uploaded and that the feed had not been updated. Facebook agreed that Instagram’s servers were inactive and said “Facebook said in a statement:” We are aware that some people currently have difficulty accessing Facebook and Instagram. We are working to get things back to normal as quickly as possible. “

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